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Patch Notes 01.06.2017

[Patch Notes]


- Fixed the Damage of some CHN SoHS Weapons, which were not stronger than 10Dg Sun: Sword, Spear, Blade, Glavie

- Job Quest rewards have been fixed and decreased

- Removed the NPCs who sell Immortality Items (nobody bought one yet)

- The Spawntime of unique monsters at the Job Temple (such as Isis, Neith, Haroeris, etc.) has been changed as in the TimeTable

- Increased the current FW Gold in Jangan

- Added a new Proxy as protection

- Removed the 100% Stats from Roc Set parts




Recruiting Staff members

Hey there,


We are looking for 1-2 new Supporters and as well for a Forum Moderator.

If you are interested you can open a support ticket with your application, while the following conditions must be met:

- You should have good English language skills

- You should be active

- You should bring some SRO experience and you should have been playing here

- You should know how to talk with users in a friendly and respectable way

- You should be able to differ your playerchar from your supporter char

We're looking forward for your applications!


Greets, The Pioneer Gaming-Network Team

BETA and Grand Opening

Hello there,


The Grand Opening of Pioneer Reunion is at 27.05.2017, 20:30 Server Time

BETA will be closed at 25.05.2017 23:59 CET (Server Time) to apply the last changes.



A trailer by wiNt will follow soon.

Here you can find our topic at elipepvpers: EPVP



A fresh Start

Hey there,


We're going to open the server new with some changes, as already mentioned in the forum.

We are thinking it's the best for everybody and as well the players agreed with us in that point.

VIP Silk which have been charged will be restored of course!

Everybody who has logged in in the past 5 days will receive a special reward at the opening (we're thinking about 10.000 Loyality Coins)

This should be fair for everybody, as well the free xbot will be available from the beginning for all with a guide which we'll do yet.


The Server is closing at this evening, fo more news stay tuned!


Your Pioneer Gaming-Network Team

Pioneer(Advanced) closes!

Dear Community,


We are going to close the server Pioneer(Advanced), due there is no sense in hosting a server for 30 players.

We can afford you the VIP Silk which have been charged and used on Pioneer(Advanced), so you could use them on Pioneer(Reunion). For that, just open a support ticket.


Your Pioneer Gaming-Network Team

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